Brown White & Osborn LLP Published In Los Angeles Times, Reason Magazine, FaultLines

Brown White & Osborn LLP’s lawyers regularly write about criminal justice and civil litigation issues for publications nationwide. Here are three recent examples:

Confessions of an Ex-Prosecutor at Reason Magazine, discussing how culture shapes prosecutorial behavior.

Brock Turner: The Sort of Defendant Who Is Spared “Severe Impact,” at the FaultLines Blog, discussing how judicial experience impacts how criminal defendants are treated.

Go Ahead and Hate Gawker, But Down’t Cheer its Downfall in the Los Angeles Times, discussing the importance of protecting the First Amendment rights of despised people.

Ken White

Ken White is a founding partner of Brown White & Osborn LLP. He focuses on criminal defense and civil litigation, and particularly on white collar crime and First Amendment issues. He is a contributor to the Brown White & Osborn LLP blog.
Ken White