Brown White & Osborn LLP attorneys are adept at helping clients achieve business and personal success. But in a troubled economy, sometimes the most hard-working clients and the most promising businesses can face crippling debt. Fortunately, federal law provides Brown White & Osborn with bankruptcy tools to help clients manage unsustainable debt and halt aggressive and disruptive debt collection efforts by creditors.


Brown White & Osborn is experienced in helping clients manage two main avenues of bankruptcy: Chapters 7 and 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. By filing a bankruptcy petition on behalf of a client, the firm can obtain an automatic stay on all collection, foreclosure, and litigation efforts against the client, and achieve some breathing space for the client to eliminate debt or form a plan to pay it down. The firm’s aim in Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions is to obtain a discharge of all debt; in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the firm works with the client to create a plan to pay down debt over time, allowing the client to retain more assets.


Creditors and spouses have rights under the United States Bankruptcy Code as well. Brown White & Osborn is adept at helping creditors and spouses protect those rights and obtain the maximum relief possible from the court.


Every client’s needs are different. Contact our office to obtain a Bankruptcy Intake Packet and schedule a consultation.


Title 11, United States Code, Section 101 requires that entities that provide clients with legal advice about bankruptcy, or that represent clients in bankruptcy petitioners, are classified as “Debt Relief Agencies” under federal law. Under this rule Brown White & Osborn is a “Debt Relief Agency”.