Criminal Defense

Brown White & Osborn LLP has a well-earned reputation as one of the premier criminal defense firms on the West Coast. Our attorneys have more than collective 90 years of experience in trying criminal cases and defending clients in criminal investigations, including experience as former federal prosecutors and public defenders. Over that time, the Firm’s attorneys have a history of achieving exceptional results in complicated and hard-fought contests. Often we can resolve a case during the investigation stage before charges are filed, after the case is charged, or after trial.


Both individuals and companies turn to the Firm when they discover they are under investigation or a criminal case has been filed by the U.S. Department of Justice, the District Attorney’s Office, or other federal, state and local government agencies. The Firm’s attorneys have represented many individuals and companies in grand jury investigations, government investigations, state criminal cases, and complex white-collar criminal prosecutions throughout California and the United States.


The Firm has a remarkable breadth and depth of experience in all types of criminal matters. The Firm’s attorneys have represented individuals and companies throughout the entire array of criminal matters, including bribery, antitrust, wiretap, food and drug, health care, environmental, banking, education and other alleged violations of government regulatory programs, securities, obstruction of justice, tax, government false statements, contracts, narcotics, false claims, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, campaign finance, ERISA, espionage, labor relations, public corruption, insurance, energy, trade secrets, perjury, mail and wire fraud, conspiracy, RICO, Small Business Administration, and money laundering.


The Firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in all stages of state and federal criminal investigations and proceedings, from conducting internal investigations, to representing witnesses, subjects and targets in grand jury investigations, to parallel criminal and civil proceedings, to trials and appellate work, to extraditions and foreign criminal investigations. Because of the Firm’s vigorous representation of its clients, many are never charged; some of the Firm’s greatest successes have been in investigations that never became public. The Firm’s attorneys are well known for their skills at trial, which helps us secure better settlement offers both before indictment and after.


While Brown White & Osborn is well known for our white-collar defense work, no criminal matter facing one of its clients, their family members or employees is inconsequential. Unlike many defense Firms that will not accept “blue collar crime” cases, we are ready and able to help,and at an economic and reasonable cost. We have achieved remarkable results for clients charged with a variety of federal and state crimes including, assault, sexual, threats, drug and weapon possession charges.

Representative Cases:


Securities Fraud Investigations and Cases


  • Represented the former officer of one of the largest telecommunication companies for securities fraud, insider trading and financial statement fraud.
  • Successfully defended brokerage house involving allegations of undisclosed principals and stock irregularities and manipulation.
  • Defended general partner in a $320 million real estate mortgage case involving of securities fraud. The case was favorably resolved.
  • Defending partner of large plaintiff’s securities class action law firm involving allegations of money laundering, mail fraud and wire fraud over more than 40 year period.
  • Represented individuals in insider trading cases.


Government Fraud Investigations


  • Successfully defended several national government contractors in many civil and criminal fraud cases involving false testing, mischarging, and deceptive billing practices involving the manufacture of stealth bomber, fighter aircraft, and missile systems.
  • Successfully represented military aircraft defense government contractor in action involving fraudulent billing practices.
  • Successfully represented nation’s largest manufacturer of military-grade binoculars for export violations in grand jury investigation.
  • Successfully represented corporation and its president for export violations involving guidance missile technology in grand jury investigation.
  • Successfully represented client accused of wrongful misappropriation of her deceased mother’s veteran’s benefits.


General Fraud Cases and Investigation


  • Prosecuted and defended numerous fraud cases involving investors in Ponzi schemes, advance fee schemes, telemarketing schemes, SEC cases, FTC cases, California Department of Corporation cases, boiler-room schemes, real estate fraud, loan fraud, tax evasion, health care fraud, and fraudulent conveyance cases.




  • Acted as national counsel in defending the largest money order provider in civil, criminal and administrative forfeiture proceedings in several states.
  • Successfully sued and defended financial institutions for improperly cashing checks, accepting fraudulent endorsements, opening fraudulent accounts, and not complying with banking policies and procedures.


Insurance Companies and Brokers


  • Successfully represented national insurance companies against group of attorneys committing fraud against them.
  • Successfully represented numerous insurance agents and brokers in several cases alleging fraud.




  • Represented aerospace, electronics, satellite, and consumer manufacturers, including in civil and criminal investigations involving false billing practices, false labeling allegations, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and flawed quality control programs.


Whistleblower Suits


  • Represented defense contractor in civil and criminal cases involving false testing, mischarging, and deceptive billing practices involving the manufacture of fighter aircraft and missiles. Achieved favorable results.
  • Represented defense contractor in civil and criminal cases involving TINA violations.
  • Successfully represented hospitals and health care facilities in qui tam lawsuits involving fraud.


Health Care Cases and Investigations


  • Successfully defended a large community hospital accused by the Department of Justice of Stark Act and Anti-Kickback violations arising from years of illicit financial transactions conducted by the hospital’s former chief executive officer.
  • Retained by the University of California to represent various witnesses, employees and physicians in federal investigations arising from the operations of liver transplant units.
  • Represented a chief executive officer of a Santa Monica-based hospital in a civil investigation of Stark Act and false claims allegations.


Public Corruption Investigations


  • Successfully defended City Treasurer involving charges of threats against public officials and criminal threats.
  • Defended county Risk Manager in criminal case involving the District Attorney’s Office for accepting bribes in connection with his duties.
  • Involved in federal criminal investigation and prosecution of several members of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Majors Team for public corruption in performance of duties.
  • Defended large California county and its officials in corruption investigation involving the failure of county’s investments.
  • Frequently represent City, City Council, City Council Members, and elected state officials in grand jury investigations.
  • Successfully represented city and city officials in section 1090 investigation by District Attorney’s Office.
  • Successfully represented many individuals and corporations before Los Angeles County Ethics Commission, the California Fair Political Practices Commission, and the Federal Election Commission.


Tax Cases


  • Represented taxpayers and tax preparers in investigations and prosecutions for tax evasion and tax fraud.


Bribery and Extortion Investigations


  • Successfully represented national trucking company and its president in commercial bribery case.
  • Investigated subsidiary of multi-national corporation involving allegations of extortion involving the CFO and President of the subsidiary.
  • Successfully defended national land developer and home construction company in grand jury investigation involving allegations of bribing city and redevelopment officials in connection with billion dollar redevelopment project.
  • Conducted internal investigation of one of the largest satellite manufacturers regarding a hundred million dollar bribe of foreign officials.


Campaign Finance Investigations


  • Successfully represented executives of world’s largest shipping company for allegedly improper political contributions.
  • Successfully represented international engineering and construction firm Parsons investigated for making improper political contributions.
  • Successfully defended national title company in campaign contribution and finance investigations conducted on the local and state levels.
  • Successfully represented California State elected official in federal and state investigation involving campaign contributions.
  • Defended major contributor of national political party during congressional investigation of contributions involving presidential election and campaign.


Representation of Professionals


  • Defended national accounting firm in U.S. Customs proceedings concerning the alleged receipt of “tainted” money.
  • Successfully defended top executive of largest bank in grand jury investigation involving the financing of a sale of corporate assets.
  • Representing court-appointed receiver of the United States District Court for the District of the Virgin Islands in prosecuting cases and conducting investigations involving tax fraud and evasion.
  • Represented physician in investigation by Medical Board of California.
  • Represented attorneys in investigations by State Bar of California.


Environmental Investigations


  • Defended FedEx corporation in state criminal case involving the transportation of hazardous materials.
  • Defended a financial institution in a criminal investigation involving the work place death of an employee.
  • Defending national computer manufacturing corporation in ground water contamination case in Southern California.


Violent Crime


  • Represented prisoner accused of assault on guards during prison riot, resulting in acquittal on all charges after federal trial.
  • Obtained dismissal of charges against individual charged with assault with a deadly weapon.


State Criminal Matters


  • Successfully represented individual charged with perjury in connection with identification card applications.
  • Obtained deferred entry of judgment, and eventual dismissal of charges, for student charged with possession of drugs and a firearm on a college campus.
  • Obtained favorable resolutions for multiple clients charged with driving under the influence and other vehicular offenses.