Internal Investigations

The well-publicized scandals of the past decade have demonstrated that all companies are vulnerable to fraud by both insiders and outsiders. Even mere allegations of misconduct can devastate a company, and an indictment or lawsuit may often lead to financial catastrophe, civil and criminal jeopardy, and ruined reputations and careers. If the company has been defrauded by outsiders, Brown White & Osborn has considerable experience in investigating the crime or employee misconduct and facilitating the civil and criminal prosecution of the wrongdoers, or reporting to management on what occurred and recommendations for remedying the situation. When the company and its employees are the subject of investigation, Brown White & Osborn’s attorneys know the best methods of avoiding prosecution and mitigating harm.


We believe that the best defense is a good offense in the form of a prompt, thorough, and carefully planned investigation of alleged fraud within a company. Such investigations, combined with our expert advice, empowers companies to stop ongoing problems within the company, remediate harm, and take appropriate corrective action to prevent recurrence. Brown White & Osborn’s experienced attorneys can help your company restore trust with shareholders, clients, administrative agencies, and the government.


Brown White & Osborn conducts swift, comprehensive, autonomous investigations, analyzes the results, and advises clients on how to proceed based on their findings. Our extensive experience as investigators – formerly for the government and now for our clients – makes us uniquely qualified to work both with management and, when appropriate, with law enforcement.


We investigate civil and criminal fraud, government contractor fraud, employee misconduct, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, discrimination and harassment, embezzlement, accounting fraud, theft of trade secrets, employee fraud and theft, and other criminal and civil matters. We also develop corporate compliance programs to prevent such problems before they occur. We are regularly asked to conduct investigations for multinational companies, professional organizations, elected officials and even governmental entities.